West Vancouver Ice Arena

About  West Vancouver

The West Vancouver Ice Arena is a 22,100 square feet facility that operates year-round, hosting a variety of activities, including large events such as fundraisers, exhibitions and trade shows during the Spring/Summer, and hockey/skating parties, games and competitions during Fall/Winter.

Customer Needs

The existing installation included a total of 40 400W Metal Halide lamps. The West Vancouver Ice Arena was poorly lit with a foot candle reading below 25fc. The traditional light source had diminished to below acceptable standards. In addition, their energy consumption per year was 98,790 kwh. The City of West Vancouver was looking to replace their existing fixtures for an affordable LED solution that emphasized hydro savings and lighting quality.

Solutions & Deliverables

Through an energy audit performed by CNJ Lighting Solutions and consideration of several LED lighting manufacturers. They replaced a total of 40 400W Metal Halide lamps one-for-one with 40 Essentials Value Series (6-Module Short).

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The West Vancouver Ice Arena light levels increased from 25 footcandles to 50 footcandles. In addition, the new LED lighting upgrade is expected  to  significantly  reduce their energy consumption to 33,486 kwh per year – a 66% increase in energy savings.