Titan UVC Air Duct Lights

NexNord Inc., centred in Brantford Ontario, has engineered a “state of the art” UVC LED light that fits into the HVAC Air Handling systems to successfully reduce the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus by reducing the virus’s RNA which prevents them from replicating and effectively rendering them inactive.

ASHRAE:  “Direct contact with infected surfaces and exposure to the virus aerosol ejected by an infected person are primary sources of infection transmission. However, the air- handling system serving the infected space can transfer the infection agent through the ductwork to other spaces in dangerous doses.”

In the past, old technology like Mercury UVC Lamps were not powerful nor sturdy enough to handle the volume of air traveling through an air handling unit. The market now has new technology in an LED lamp that can get the job done!!  No more robots or fogging a room with chemicals. The air can now be cleaned of harmful pathogens, such as COVID-19, effectively and efficiently as it moves through the Air Handling HVAC System.

Health Canada confirms… Nexnord Products meet the conditions for authorization under the interim order regulating certain UV Radiation-Emitting and Ozone Generating Devices under the Pest Control Product Act.

Air duct models

    • General
    • Fitness Centre
    • Indoor Cultivation
    • Long Term Care Homes
    • Schools
    • Sports Arenas
    • Handheld Model

The LED lights that reduce bacteria and viruses in Air Ducts.

Nexnord Inc. introduces their new Performance Monitoring System.


  • Real-Time Monitoring of all Components
  • Immediate Text & Email Notifications
  • Worry-Free Service & Replacement

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"Our fans and student athletes deserve the best and, after much research,it became clear to us that the Ephesus LED lighting system is the superior arena lighting product on the market,” explained Dan Cooper, UBC Facilities Manager. “The opportunity to combine improved lighting quality with substantial energy savings made it the perfect solution for our needs.”
The Essentials Value Series by Flex Lighting Solutions is an incredible improvement over our old lighting system. The electrical savings have already been seen and we expect to see even further savings during the off season when we have the capability to turn the lights on and off at our leisure.

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