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Bringing plug-and-play simplicity to high efficiency HID replacements, Lunera products offer facility managers a wide range of energy and labour saving ideas. These are LED lights that make no compromises as they match or exceed the output of the HIDs they were designed to replace!

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Lunera T8 LED Lamp Retrofit Kit – The Lunera T8 LED 4Ft Retrofit Kit replaces four 32W T8 fluorescent lamps with Lunera T8 LED lamps that are driven by an external LED driver. The dimmable LED driver is powered by 120V-277V line voltage and replaces the installed fluorescent ballast.

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Lunera T8 LED U-Bend Lamp – The Lunera T8 LED U-Bend is a plug-and-play (Type A-ballast driven) LED replacement for a 22″ (1-5/8″ gap) T8 U-Bend fluorescent lamp up to 32W. It operates off of the existing electronic ballast and supports Instant-, Rapid-, and Programmed-Start electronic ballasts and is ideal for even lighting in commercial troffers, wall sconces, pendants and as a sign backlight.

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Lunera HID LED Vertical Medium (E26) The Lunera HID LED Vertical Lamp is a LED replacement for Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps up to 250W with a Medium (E26) screw base. The 95W Type B (ballast bypassed) lamp delivers up to 9,900lm in a vertical mount orientation. It is perfect for lighting high-bay warehouses, low-bay meeting spaces or venues, parking garages and retail floors. The lamp is available with an optional uplight, short neck, and Type V lens.

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Lunera CFL LED GX23 2-Pin – The Lunera CFL LED GX23 is a LED replacement for 13W CFLs with 2-pin GX23 bases that supports both plug-and-play (Type A-ballast driven) and Type B (ballast bypassed) installations. It supports both ballast-driven and ballast-bypass operation and is ideal in commercial wall sconces and specialty applications such as step lights.

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"Our fans and student athletes deserve the best and, after much research,it became clear to us that the Ephesus LED lighting system is the superior arena lighting product on the market,” explained Dan Cooper, UBC Facilities Manager. “The opportunity to combine improved lighting quality with substantial energy savings made it the perfect solution for our needs.”
The Essentials Value Series by Flex Lighting Solutions is an incredible improvement over our old lighting system. The electrical savings have already been seen and we expect to see even further savings during the off season when we have the capability to turn the lights on and off at our leisure.

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