Our Team


Nancy Wilson

President, Operations Manager

Nancy brings over 30 years of business and project management to CNJ Lighting Solutions. As the founder of CNJ lighting Solutions, Nancy has been delivering energy efficient lighting to commercial, industrial and sports venues throughout Canada since 2007. Nancy’s commitment to building valuable relationships in the industry is the foundation of CNJ Lighting Solutions’ core values.


Sylvain Leone

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Product Manager

Sylvain has been with CNJ Lighting since 2011.  As territory and sales manager for two fortune 500 companies, Sylvain leads our sales efforts and supports out dealer network with training programs and sales strategy.  In addition, Sylvain spent 25 years in product development and manufacturing, and plays a large role in product evaluation and selection for CNJ.


Sarah Curtiss

Operations and Sales Support

Sarah brings to CNJ Lighting Solutions numerous years of experience in customer service, administration, and project management. Sarah’s focus is on building the relationship with our clients thorough inside sales, coordinating the life cycle of the sale to ensure a smooth sales process.


Laurie Scullin

Lighting Specialist

Laurie Scullin has been involved with commercial lighting sales, marketing and design for the past 10 years.  With a focus on indoor and outdoor sporting venue lighting Laurie has worked closely with LED sports lights for both amateur and professional applications.  Laurie has been a valued member of the CNJ team since it’s inception and is responsible for assisting sales teams with photometric analyses, product selection and lighting layouts.

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